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Best Free Proxy Sits Like Zalmos & ProxFree

If you using Zalmos Proxy for unblocking blocked sites then sometimes you may be bored by their silly design, irrelevant ads or you may want to increase your proxy list so here I figure out some best free Alternatives of Zalmos proxy that will help you to unblock any blocked site securely.

Zalmos Proxy Best Free Alternatives

Zalmos is one of the robust proxy servers with everything you need but if it is banned in your school you can use these proxies.

12345Proxy: is one of the best free proxy server to unblock any blocked site at lightening speed, just go to this site enter blocked site URL in provided box and click on Go, it will be unblocked in seconds.

Hiload: Hiload is another best free web proxy server used by millions to unblock blocked sites, to unblock any site with this server, just visit their site and do the same as you with other proxies to unblock.

Zacebook: is one of most trusted proxy used by millions, to unblock any blocked site with Zacebook proxy just visit and unblock it.

Unblock YouTube is another robust proxy server to unblock YouTube and other videos sites fastly and securely.

Speed Proxy: Bored with low speed of proxy servers, try speed proxy to unblock your favorite sites fastly.

4everproxy is another free web proxy server mostly used by US/UK users to access content securely and fastly, using this site you can also access restricted content.

Alternative: 4everproxy.com

Video Proxy: Your famous video site is ban! don't worry now you can use it too, just with video proxy, this video proxy server will help you to unblock any blocked video site like YouTube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Vimeo, Twitch and many others.

Alternative: Video-Proxy.com

Hide My Ass: Bored with too many proxy ads and restrictions use HideMyAss unblock proxy to access your content with high-class security.

Proxy Site: Need a best free proxy to get everything out of it, use a proxy site and you will love it. 

Proxy One: That's another fine one in our list.

PakProxy Are you in Pakistan, you must be facing internet censorship, don't worry bypass it with Pakproxy.

Free Proxy Server: Best of all free proxy server is world fastest proxy server.

New IP Now: Want to get unique IP for the internet to anonymize your internet connection, use NewIPNEW as leading proxy.

Why use Proxies?

Proxies are helpful in the unblocking blocked site, apart from that you can access content securely on the web and no one can track your online activity, your data is encrypted so ISP can't know which site you are browsing and what you are doing online.
Proxies are also helpful to reduce bandwidth usage as they compress all the content so you browse faster, it's ideal for Mobile data users to use proxies to save their money.

Why don't use proxies?

You should also be careful while using online proxies because when you browse through them, their owners can track your activity and even can make video of what you did so they can easily get your email, credit card information extra, It's ok to use proxy but only use trusted proxies like 12345proxy.pk and more like this.

If there is anything you are facing a problem with feel free to ask in a comment.