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5 Ways to Unblock YouTube without using Proxies or VPN - Easy Methods

The Internet world is an immense and never ending the world. The internet has made the world a global village day by day with its extraordinary innovations and way of providing people with knowledge.
internet has a big name almost for every niche present like gaming, photography, videos, business, and sports, etc. If anyone that could claim that they are the internet giants of Videos on the internet that is YouTube. YouTube host the largest database of video in the world. Each minute 19 hours of video content is uploaded on the YouTube. More ever you could find videos of almost every niche and type available for streaming that too for free of cost. YouTube is not just a site it is a corporation started by three former PayPal employees. YouTube was banned in many countries due to several reasons. Afterward, the movie was removed from the internet but the YouTube is up this date banned in Pakistan. Many students use YouTube for studying, Housewives for different tips and recipes in a nutshell almost everyone utilizes from YouTube somehow. People always ask about methods to use YouTube in full speed in Pakistan despite its ban. So we thought of compiling a list of the best methods you can utilize to make YouTube work for you.

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While we support the idea that Google or YouTube organization ought to hide the controversial videos and make them unavailable for individuals in this locale, it is still brutal the dominant part of individuals in Pakistan who need YouTube for scholarly, or other general and imperative object are denied of the utilization of different videos.  So following are the methods through which you can unblock YouTube in Pakistan:

First Method: 

Through Google DNS method

This tip is extraordinarily for PTCL yet you can likewise attempt this on other ISP systems. Simply take the basic strides beneath, it may not work for everyone.

  1. Simply go to your network connection properties in settings and double tap on web protocol (TCP/IP)  IPV4 and include/change your essential DNS to Google DNS ( and optional DNS to ( After that OK click, catch to spare the settings. 
  2. Now you need to open the protected Connection of YouTube with https. Open https://www.youtube.com it will require some to open in the first time so have some tolerance, then keeping in mind the end goal to utilize YouTube completely , you have to login into your Gmail account connected with YouTube. 
  3. Log in to your YouTube account and after that begin watching videos, it ought to work fine. 
  4. So this is the method which meets expectations for me on both PTCL and Wi-tribe so let’s see that on the off chance that it lives up to expectations for you or not. If it's not too much trouble let me know about your outcome by means of remarks underneath.

Second Method: 

Through Zenmate

The Zenmate is an extension provided for Google Chrome and FireFox, this extension could be simply installed through Google Chrome store and you can keep it on whenever you open youtube.com. It'll unblock YouTube and you will be ready to access YouTube from any wherever any time.

  1. To add in Zenmate head to Chrome browser settings.
  2. Click on extensions
  3. Scroll down extensions page and click on Get additional extensions
  4. Download the Zenmate Extension from Chrome App store.
  5. Click on Add button.
  6. add zen mate extension
  7. The zen mate extension will be added to your browser.
  8. Now you may be requested to sign up to Zen mate.
  9. After finishing your registration with Zenmate  Icon are going to seem on the high right aspect on your Chrome browser.
  10. Click on Zen mate Icon.
  11. Choose any appropriate location.
  12. Select location
  13. Hurray! You’re no connected to VPN. YouTube can be unblocked easily.

Here is complete detail on How to Install Zenmate on Chrome

Third Method:

Through HOLA extension

This is another extension that's provided for Google, Chrome and it helps you to be simply ready to unblock YouTube by downloading this extension. By attaching it to your browser, you'll be ready simply open YouTube from anyplace. To get this extension, click on Chrome Store in Google Chrome browser. When Chrome store opens, type Hola Better Internet in the search bar and install the Hola web extension by clicking on a free button. After installing the extension, you'll see hole web icon on a high right side on your Chrome browser. Simply click on hola web icon and choose the country. Hola web can connect you to the chosen country VPN. All is completed. Now you can use YouTube from your Chrome Browser.

Fourth Method:

Using online proxy sites

ProxyFree: This is a website that helps users to be able to use sites that are illegal in your space, and you're able to access sites simply.

Video Proxy: This website helps with unlocking YouTube simply and you're able to use YouTube with none reasonably inconvenience.

Unblock YouTube: helps you to go to the web sited that area unit restricted in your country and you may be able to use any reasonable site simply.

Speed Proxy: causes you to equip with having the ability to access the positioning that you're ineffectual to access simply.

Here are more Free Proxy sites.

Fifth Method:

Through VPNS

VPN is another often used methodology to access Youtube.com videos. This methodology is generally used at Androids/Tablets and iPhones as Google Play & App Store offers a large amount of free  or premium VPNs for your Tablets/Androids. If you wish to use YouTube with this methodology, merely activate your VPN/VPS and watch videos freely

Hotspot Shield VPN

Another way of accessing this website is to go to Google.com and search  for “Hotspot Shield” or Download Hotspot shield directly from their official website, it is very easy to download and install. It is computer software now also available for mobile cross platforms, it is developed by Anchor Free and this software system was released in 2005. Install it on your system so from then taskbar click on its icon so select “Connect”. And you are ready to use the YouTube on your device with full speed and without any error, It is best free VPN Proxy.

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YouTube Mirror
There are several YouTube mirrors created for Pakistani's to unblock YouTube easily, here are some you must try, these sites will not look like YouTube but they have all YouTube videos, just go to any of these sites and search for video you want to see and they will play it for you from YouTube at full speed.

Hope your problem is solved, let us know what you think in the comment box and don't forget to share it with your friends on social media.