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Proxy software and Virtual Private Networks (VPN) tools provide you with a high level of anonymity and enable you to browse the website, download content and surf the Internet safely and privately. And since your identity is hidden, this software and tools allow you to unblock websites that are blocked or restricted in your country. Why using some sort of proxy software or Virtual Private Network (VPN) is important because when you are browsing the Internet on a public network and/or connecting to the websites that give preference to the HTTP (non-secured) over the HTTPS (secured) connection. And these unsecured connections to the Internet can reveal information about your geographical location due to the location assigned to the local IP address. So if you are concerned about your privacy and don’t want to reveal your real identity and geo-location then we will recommend you to opt for VPN services and software to transform their IP address to another geographic location in order to make it harder for the trackers and snoopers to track or identify your identity. Head over to the next section where we have outlined some of the best free proxy software and VPN that you can use to secure your Internet connection and browse the Internet anonymously.

Top 10 Best Free VPN To Unblock Any Site

Here we have listed down the top 10 best free proxy software or Virtual Private Network (VPN) software that hide your identity and location, and allow you to surf the Internet anonymously, as you can unblock any site you like to.

#01 – ZenMate - Download Zenmate For Chrome & FireFox

ZenMate ensures that you have completely secure and encrypted connection to the Internet whether you are using a web browser or a mobile device. ZenMate’s amplified compatibility with multiple platforms and devices allows you stay secure and private online while enabling you to easily gain access to the content you love. Moreover, ZenMate does not serve any form of advertisements to its users and have no policy to log data that are being transferred through their server network.

01 - ZenMate

For those who don’t know, ZenMate forms a bridge between your device and the server, which looks similar to that of Virtual Private Network (VPN). This bridge protects you and your Internet browsing session from hackers, spies, Internet Service Providers (ISP), and government agencies from snooping on your web browsing activities as well as any form of Internet data that is being sent and received over the Internet. Apart from the ZenMate’s enhanced security features, this easy to use Virtual Private Network (VPN) software is available in two versions, i.e. free and premium. ZenMate Free version provides you with best available but limited browsing and downloading speeds. However, you would be limited to four locations only but it provides encrypted connection to the Internet, and the free version can be used on mobile devices as well as web browser extensions, which means you can use a single ZenMate account on all of your devices. ZenMate Premium version offers you an increased browsing and downloading speeds, you would be able to use premium servers and locations for enhanced anonymity through the desktop client. Furthermore, you would also get malware blocking to secure your web sessions, tracking protection to protect your identity, and priority help and support service. ZenMate is fully compatible with mobile devices running Android and Apple iOS, whereas the supported web browsers include Opera, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. And the ZenMate VPN Desktop client is compatible with Mac OS X Yosemite, Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. Download ZenMate from the official ZenMate’s website.

#02 – Tor Proxy Network

Tor is a free anonymity software that enables its users to communicate anonymously on the Internet. This software is capable of directing your Internet traffic through a free to use a network that consists of thousands of relays, which ensures to conceal your identity, location, and the transferred data from any third party who is trying to reveal your identity through traffic analysis. For those who are not aware of Tor project. Tor is a free software project that has been executed based on the original project named “The Onion Router”. This is the reason why this software is known as the second generation of onion routing project. Moreover, onion routing is a technique being widely used to provide anonymity to the users who are using the Internet connection for communications.

02 - Tor Browser

And as the name of the project suggests, various layers of security and encryption is used to encrypt data that is being transmitted through a series of network nodes (nested like the layers of an onion) that are referred to as onion routers. This is the method used by the Tor software to hide the real identity of the source and destination of each request. Because of these added layers of encryption for data transmission, you can use Tor to gain access to the censored information or websites. Tor software comes bundled with a web browser called Tor Browser, which is a flagship product of the Tor. Visually, this browser is very much similar to the Mozilla Firefox but it is preconfigured to protect your identity by routing traffic through the Tor network. You can run this browser on the various operating system without any requirement to install the software or browser, which is the reason why this web browser can run directly from the USB flash drive. Tor Browser is fully compatible with wide range of operating systems including Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X, Linux, UNIX, and smartphones. You can download Tor Software now from the official Tor Project website.

#03 – Hotspot Shield VPN Proxy

Hotspot Shield VPN software is one of the most popular proxy software that provides safety and layers of security from hackers and cyber criminals. It offers you the private, secured, and entirely anonymous online activity. Hotspot Shield provides secure Wi-Fi connection to protect the Internet connection as well as to encrypt personal information so that you can use the Internet safely regardless of the Wi-Fi network you are currently connected to. And because this software uses hard to bypass encryption methods to encrypt all the data that being transferred, it becomes next to impossible to block or filter the encrypted content.

03 - Hotspot Shield

This proxy software is based on the Virtual Private Network (VPN) that encrypts your unencrypted Internet connection, which allows you to securely browse the Web without worrying about your privacy being exploited. And because your Internet connection would be based on a VPN connection, you can use the software to quickly access any website and content that is censored or blocked by your government. Hotspot Shield has the ownership for all of their proprietary VPN servers to provide maximum speed, matchless performance, most secure and stable connection to all the users. Their VPN servers are located in over 17 countries to deliver broadest Virtual Private Network (VPN) coverage. What’s more interesting about Hotspot Shield is that it offers overall saving on the data transfer with the help of Hotspot Shield’s radical compression technology while at the same time you get a complete anonymity that hides your real identity, IP address, location and other identity-revealing information from snoopers, online trackers, and websites. Hotspot Shield VPN Proxy software is compatible with multiple platforms and operating systems including Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X, and Linux. And the supported mobile operating systems are Apple iOS and Android. You can download Hotspot Shield VPN for free from the official Hotspot Shield website.

#04 – Ultrasurf VPN -  Download it

Ultrasurf is a freeware Virtual Private Network (VPN) software developed by Ultrareach Internet Corporation. Using this software’s HTTP proxy server and encryption protocols, you can bypass firewalls and various types of Internet censorship. In case you don’t know about the story behind Ultrasurf, this software was originally designed and compiled for the benefit of Internet users located in China who are in search for liberty and security in the online world, and looking for ways to bypass the Great Firewall of China.

04 - Ultrasurf

Ultrasurf was founded by Ultrareach during the year 2002, which is the reason why this software has gained a lot of popularity from all around the world. Every day, users from more than 180 countries make use of Ultrasurf software that helps them serve hundreds of millions of web pages anonymously. Ultrasurf guarantees to protect your privacy online through anonymous web browsing and web surfing. To achieve all this, Ultrasurf clears your browsing history, cookies, and hides your IP address from the websites. Ultrasurf software makes use of a strong industry standard end-to-end encryption method to protect all your data that are being transferred on the Internet so that the data cannot be seen or understood by any third party. Furthermore, this software will allow you to bypass any kind of Internet censorship that enables you to surf the Internet freely without any restriction. What makes Ultrasurf one of the most suitable software for the users around the world is the reason that it requires no installation. The software’s ultra-portability aspect makes it easy to adopt and use regardless of the user’s knowledge about Virtual Private Network (VPN) and proxy software. Ultrasurf is specifically designed to run on Microsoft Windows based operating systems and is fully compatible with all versions of Windows operating systems. If you are using a computer running Linux or Mac OS X operating system then you are out of luck. You can download Ultrasurf from the Ultrasurf’s official website.

#05 – Privoxy

Privoxy is a filtering proxy software, which was developed by Privoxy Developers and was initially released during 2001 under the GNU General Public License; also, this project is associated with Software in the Public Interest (SPI). It is a non-caching web proxy software and has some of the most advanced website filtering capabilities to enhance the overall privacy of the user. Privoxy is highly customizable with advanced configurable options to suit your personal preferences and requirements for proxy, which is the reason why people calls it a complicated proxy software but overall it is a powerful tool. This proxy software comes in two versions and is suitable for both, individually networked systems and networks with multiple users or systems.

05 - Privoxy

Privoxy allows you to control your overall web access, HTTP headers, and the data that are being transferred by a web page. In addition to all that, using this software will also remove advertisements as well as some obnoxious Internet junk. The Privoxy proxy software is based on the source code of the Internet Junkbuster web proxy protocol that has the capability to block web cookies and advertisements. The Internet Junkbuster’s code as well as the official website have not been updated since 1998 and have been out of maintenance since then. However, Privoxy is an up to date proxy software and a lot more powerful and capable. The software Privoxy is written and compiled in a C language, which is the reason why this proxy software is compatible with multiple platforms and operating systems including Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X, Linux, AmigaOS, OpenWrt, and UNIX. The Privoxy software is available for download for free from the official Privoxy website.

#06 – SecurityKISS Tunnel

SecurityKISS has developed a solution named SecurityKISS Tunnel to protect the incoming as well as the outgoing traffic of the Internet users. This solution is specifically targeted towards individuals and business users, who are willing to keep their open and unencrypted Internet connection private, secure, and unidentifiable. SecurityKISS Tunnel is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) software that is specifically based on L2TP and OpenVPN. These services are used to form a VPN network between your computer and the secure servers of the SecurityKISS gateway, which then prevents third parties and tracking web sites from viewing your web browsing activities, downloads, and other information.

06 - SecurityKISS

SecurityKISS not only ensures your protection against the notable security threats but it also keeps your privacy unbroken by redirecting your Internet traffic through an impenetrable tunnel to the secured gateway. SecurityKISS Tunnel is free of cost VPN solution that is simple, easy to use and requires zero technical knowledge to install and operate. Once you have successfully installed the software, using it becomes as simple and easy as a single click of a button. SecurityKISS free plan will remain free forever and offers you a number of features and conveniences including an access to four server locations (United Kingdom, United States, Germany, and France), exclusive tunneling to protect your data, octopus tunneling to forward your data traffic from one tunnel to another. And whether you are using L2TP or OpenVPN you will get access to around 5 to 10 servers. SecurityKISS Tunnel is compatible with wide range of platforms and devices including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, most of the flavors of Linux OS, Android, and iOS. Moreover, you can specifically configure your router to get the most out of the SecurityKISS VPN software. Download SecurityKISS Tunnel VPN software for free from the official SecurityKISS website.

#07 – Tortilla

Tortilla tool is an open source proxy software and is based on the anonymous security research over Tor. With the help of Tortilla, you can route all the DNS traffic as well as TCP/IP traffic through Tor servers anonymously, transparently, and securely. The tortilla is designed and developed by a CrowdStrike researcher Jason Geffner. This software is unique and different from other proxy and Virtual Private Network (VPN) software because you will not need to rely on any Virtual Private Network, virtual machine, additional hardware, or any sort of client software. Also, it allows you to use Flash as well as other Firefox plugins without revealing your identity and does not impose any restrictions on the usage, unlike Tor bundle.
07 - Tortilla

We have already discussed how Tor actually works in the Tor section, but in case you skipped that section, Tor in a nutshell is a large network of virtual tunnels that enables groups or an individual to improve their privacy as well as their overall security while browsing the Internet. Using the Internet through Tor proxy network is very much similar to using a large number of different proxies that are automatically randomized to hide your identity. The tortilla is only designed for Microsoft Windows based operating systems, which is the reason why this tool is compatible with wide range of Windows based OS including Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. Furthermore, Microsoft Windows’ both, 32-bit as well as 64-bit, architectures are fully supported. You can download Tortilla for free from the community tools section of the official CrowdStrike community website.

#08 – CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost VPN client provides its users with an anonymous Internet browsing, remarkable security, and easy-to-use client interface. All of these are bundled in a package that is free of cost, which makes this VPN software as worthy as most of its competitor’s Virtual Private Network software. CyberGhost proxy services have a professional looking user interface and feature quite a number of countries, locations, and servers to choose from, also you will get a strong anonymity and protection from the snooping security agencies as well as hackers who are determined to spy on your data.

08 - Cyberghost Free Proxy

CyberGhost offers its users with two packages, free and paid. CyberGhost VPN free package comes with an unlimited usage, AES encryption, and with no limitation on the bandwidth. However, it is advertisement supported and the only limitation you are going to experience is the number of available networks and countries to proxy your Internet connection, which is more than enough for everyday usage. On the other hand, the CyberGhost VPN premium package exempts all the restrictions imposed in the free package and grants you with an access to additional servers as well as countries that deliver faster uplink and downlink Internet connection speeds. What’s noteworthy about CyberGhost is that it does not create a log for your Internet activity, which means that the creators of this VPN software truly take care of the privacy of its users. The client interface provides you with an option to customize your privacy settings and control the information you being shared with the websites you are visiting. For example, you can remove the browser header information, browser version, language, operating systems CyberGhost VPN free proxy client version is compatible with wide range of devices and platforms. Supported computer operating systems include Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X, and Linux, whereas the compatible mobile operating systems include Android and iOS devices. In addition to all that, CyberGhost can be specifically configured for routers. CyberGhost VPN software is available for download from the official CyberGhost website for free.

#09 – Freegate

Freegate is a freeware Internet anonymizer software to deliver transparency, privacy, and shield to its users while they are browsing the Internet on the insecure and vulnerable network connections. Additionally, the newer release of this software features further improved anti-censorship capabilities with the help of a new and improved compression algorithm and encryption technique. Freegate proxy software is developed by the Dynamic Internet Technology Incorporation (DIT). This corporation is a pioneer in the Internet censorship circumvention services and has a DynaWeb services that use a group of anticensorship programs originally developed by DIT to serve its users base. DynaWeb is one of the most popular and well-recognized web based anticensorship gateways.

09 - Freegate

The working of DynaWeb is quite simple and straightforward. To make use of the DynaWeb proxy services, all you have to do is point your web browser to one of the DynaWeb proxy URL, which would allow you to browse the Internet without any restrictions and limitations while at the same time hides your identity. Using this service, you would be able to access restricted websites as fast as the unrestricted ones without any difficulty. Freegate proxy software is easy to use and requires zero installation, setup or any modification in the system files or settings. To get started with the Freegate proxy, all you need to have is the executable file and a Windows based computer system, and you are good to go. Freegate is designed and coded to run on the Microsoft Windows operating systems only and is fully compatible with all versions of Windows OS including Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. Download Freegate for free from the official website.

#10 – GTunnel

GTunnel is a proxy client software available as a freeware version. It works as a local SOCKS5 or HTTP proxy server and has an intelligent recognition system to detect the type of protocol being used. Once you have successfully configured and setup your computer and other installed applications to use GTunnel as a proxy client to access the Internet, whenever you try to access any website or a web page, the traffic will first go through the GTunnel servers before reaching the original target location. This is how your identity and privacy is protected by GTunnel proxy servers.

  10 - GTunnel

Apart from protecting your privacy and identity, your public IP address assigned by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is hidden and your Internet privacy is protected. This spoofs your real identity to the destination server into thinking that GTunnel server is accessing their website. GTunnel also encrypts all of your Internet data and content using a strong encryption algorithm that works between your computer and the GTunnel’s servers. This encryption protects your uplink and downlink data so that the local filtering systems or local hackers cannot comprehend your data. In addition to all that, this proxy software has a proficiency to dodge any blocked target servers. GTunnel client software once installed and activated on your computer can automatically configure both, per-instance proxy as well as a global proxy in the web browser. What’s unique in this software is that it provides support for multiple transport modes to deliver flexibility as well as high service availability. GTunnel proxy client software is fully compatible with all the latest versions of Microsoft Windows based operating systems including Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. In case if you have a computer running Linux operating system then you can run this proxy client software through Wine and it should work without any issues. You can download the latest version of GTunnel proxy client software for free from the official GTunnel’s website.

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Discussed in this article were the 10 best VPN services and proxy software that you can use to hide your identity by changing your IP address or to access websites blocked in your country. In case if you have any query or question linked to the proxy software and Virtual Private Network (VPN) services discussed in this article then feel free to leave your comment in the comments section below and we will get back to you shortly.