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Best Free Proxy Server For School & College - Access Blocked sites Easily with US proxies

Are you a student who is looking for best proxy sites that allows you to gain access to the websites that are blocked by your school’s Internet administrator through firewall? Look no further as here in this article we have listed the 2016’s best proxy sites for school that will let you unblock any restricted website without installing any software. All you have to do is access the proxy site, enter your desired website’s URL in the box and then press enter. Rest will be handled by the proxy website. What the web proxy site actually does is that it acts as a connection between you and the blocked website you are trying to visit. This way, your school’s Internet connection believes that you are browsing the proxy site, but in reality, the proxy site is serving you the content from the blocked website.

Best Proxy Sites for School

Here we have listed the 2016’s best proxy sites for school to access blocked websites. You can try each of them one by one to check which proxy site is working on your school’s Internet connection.

#01 – Hide My Ass Proxy

Hide My Ass is one of the most popular online proxy service provider who offers premium VPN (Virtual Private Network) service that protects your privacy like your IP address while enabling you to bypass online web browsing restrictions imposed by your school and provides you a seamless access to blocked websites. Their services offer you speed, flexibility, security and access to any website.
If you don’t want to pay for their premium services then Hide My Ass even offers you free online web proxy service to surf blocked websites.

#02 – Ninja Cloak

Ninja Cloak is a completely free web proxy provider that enables you to browse websites that are blocked or restricted by your institution or ISP (Internet Service Provider). The site promises to provide you an access to your favourite websites that are blocked using firewall. 02 - Web Proxy Site - Ninja Cloak
Apart from unblocking the restricted websites, Ninja Cloak even anonymise your Internet connection to secure your identity by hiding information like your IP address, web browser you are using, as well as your geographical location. If you found out that Ninja Cloak has been blocked by your institution then don’t worry, the web proxy website is also available in a secure HTTPS mode, which is left unblocked in most of the cases.

#03 – KProxy

KProxy is a web proxy site successfully providing their proxy services since 2005 and is being positively used by over 1,500,000 people every month to help bypass government and workplace censorships, accessing blocked websites as well as browsing the Internet anonymously. 03 - Web Proxy Site - KProxy
The free version offers you enough features like possibility to choose appropriate proxy server from the list of ten different servers that are capable to provide you an access to blocked website but it is supported by advertisements. Furthermore, KProxy offers web browser extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. And in case you don’t have any of those browsers then KProxy offers their browser too, which is a custom-made portable version of the Mozilla Firefox that doesn’t require installation and allows you to access blocked websites on the go.

#04 – BlewPass

BlewPass is another reliable online web proxy website that helps you in bypassing firewalls and the Internet browsing restrictions imposed by government, ISP or education institution. This website let you surf the Internet anonymously by hiding your location and IP identities.

04 - Web Proxy Site - BlewPass

Furthermore, this proxy site supports HTML5 video playback while keeping your connection secure to stay compatible with wide range of video websites including YouTube and DailyMotion. And because HTML5 video formats are supported which is why the website works well on mobile devices too. BlewPass is powered by 4EverProxy network, which is next proxy website in our list of best proxy sites for school.

#05 – 4EverProxy

As mentioned in the last part, 4EverProxy is a proxy network with more than fifty web proxy websites that enables you to unblock any website and help you in maintaining your anonymity on the Internet while keeping your web connection secure. 05 - Web Proxy Site - 4EverProxy Network

Every website that comes under 4EverProxy network features a random outgoing IP rotation, which is by default provided to every user who is using the 4EverProxy server. Furthermore, 4EverProxy provide you with unleashed bandwidth and speed to browse your favourite websites including Facebook, YouTube and any other social media site that has been blocked by your school or office.

#06 – DontFilter

DontFilter is also an online proxy network site that manages number of online proxy and unblocking websites including YouTube Unblocker and Proxy Bypass. This is the reason why it supports video playback on websites that are restricted by your Internet network administrator.

06 - Web Proxy Site - DontFilter

You can browse any website by simply typing the URL into the bar and press enter. If you are an expert user and know what you are doing then you can press on the “Options” button to reveal number of advanced settings including URL encryption, support for cookies, removing scripts.

#07 – VTunnel

VTunnel is a CGI proxy service that allows you to browse websites that are originally blocked by the Internet administrator of school, corporation, or government. 07 - Web Proxy Site - VTunnel
Unlike most of the open web proxies found on the Internet, this proxy site allows you to establish HTTP Form Post connection, which means using VTunnel proxy service you can login to the websites that supports login functionality including Facebook, AIM, Yahoo, and Google Talk. Furthermore, VTunnel is offering a SSL (Secured Socket Layer) encrypted connection and it even allows file downloading.

#08 – VPN Browse

VPNBrowse uses a similar functionality that is used by VPN (Virtual Private Network) and targets port number 80 but this one features an online interface, which can be accessed through a web browser. 08 - Web Proxy Site - VPN Browse
The features provided by VPN Browse include URL encryption, page encryption, objects removal, script removal. Rest of the features are similar to the other proxy sites and protects your online privacy by changing your IP address and hiding other visible credentials.

#09 – Zend2

Zend2 is a proxy site that is owned by Zend2 OY Company that exists on the Internet since 2006 and their services are trusted by thousands of users around the world. Due to its prolonged existence on the World Wide Web, this proxy website has become one of the most premiere on the Internet. 09 - Web Proxy Site - Zend2 Zend2 promises to hide your real IP address, tracking cookies and footprints on the Internet while letting you use those websites that are regionally restricted to access by the ISP (Internet Services Provider). Zend2 also offers a dedicated Zend2 proxy for Facebook, enabling the users to unblock and access the social networking websites.

#10 – Rexoss

Rexoss is a web based proxy site that apart from unblocking the restricted websites, it provides you with a unique ability to change the virtual browser functionalities and some advanced settings.

10 - Web Proxy Site - Rexoss Proxy Server

You can modify the user agent setting that informs the website about what type of operating system and web browser is being used to access the site. You can choose from a list of pre-set settings or if you are an expert user then it even allows you to create your custom user agent settings. To add another layer of privacy, Rexoss allows you to modify the referrer settings by changing it to your customized referrer URL.

These are the best proxies we have found so far, they will help you to unblock any site in seconds, share if this helped you.