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Vify & KickAss Proxies - Best Torrent Proxy Sites

KickAss & Vify Torrent was blocked in UK and many people try to unblock it for legal needs but not find easy method, so here in this guide i will help you to unblock KickAss Torrent in UK with full speed without ads.

What is KickAss?

KickAss is Torrent P2P data sharing site where million of people share their data with billions of people to help every one for their needs, this torrent have more then 15 Millions torrents and more are added on daily basis, it is second largest torrent after piratebay having well designed system for sharing data, rating and management, it also have short link kat.ph for easy opening but due to some issues it was blocked in many countries like United Kingdom where people need it for legal use but it become difficult for them to unblock it, so i decided to write a good for UK users to help them to unblock KickAss easily.

How should we unblock KickAss?

There are several ways to unblock kick Ass Torrent, some are easy while other are difficult, here we will discuss all of them to fulfill your needs, moving from easier to unblock easily.

Use Web based Proxies

Using this method you can unblock KickAss Torrent easily and can download all stuff with fast speed but it was not secure as P2P sharing will be direct without proxy and your ISP may know about it, its better then other method as you don't need to install any software for unblocking, you can give it try to see if it work better for you or not, so lets start.

Use Web Based Proxy for unblocking kat.ph

Follow the procedure given below to access kickAss torrent easily:
  1. Choose any best free web proxy for unblocking, you can use Proxy Server for this purpose or can try online web proxy given at the end of this page.
  2. In proxy website you will find a small box where you have to input Torrent URL, here you should enter kat.ph or kickass.to to unblock kickAss, you can also enter specific torrent link you want download.
  3. Click on Go or press enter to move further, wait for moment KickAss will automatically in front of you.
  4. Now search what you want or download your specific content.

Use Virtual Private Network

You can use VPN for fast unblocking without ads at high speed and security, this method is secure then web based proxies but require you to surf some money for buying good VPN, there are many free VPN as well but are not as secured as paid one, you should use them at your need, here i will tell you both good free VPN and Paid VPN that you can use to access KickAss Torrent.

Good Free VPN for Torrent Unblocking

  • Cyber Ghost VPN
  • Hotspot Shield
  • Pak VPN

 Good Paid for Unblocking Plus Security

  • HMA Pro
  • Zen VPN
  • Hotspot Pro

How to use these VPN for Torrent unblocking?

You can google these software to find best which suites your need, download or buy VPN and then install it in your PC, after installing restart your browser and then visit kickass.to from your browser, now KickAss is unblock, download everything you want to but always do legal.

Hope this article help you to unblock Kickass.to in your country, school or college, if you need further help you can ask about it in comment, remember that use of this method must be for legal/educational purposes, illegal use of any method of unblocking is strictly prohibited. Thanks for reading, share it with friends and don't forget to share,